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Specialised Intellectual Property Services

Patentia's patent services help companies and individuals to identify, protect and exploit their intellectual property to maximize their value. Our first-class patent services help you and your company by protecting your assets and adding value to your business. We have a solid experience background on immaterial property rights, and can provide practical advice that fits your needs and budget.

Patentia's job is to protect your intangible assets. Although Intellectual Property law is complicated, our experts will guide you through it, and help you to make the right choices for you and your business.

Patentia can assist you with:

Intellectual Property & Intellectual Property Rights Consulting:

Our consulting service will help you and your company to analyse the situation, evaluate possible alternatives, and choose the best possible solution. We can also assist you in a possible crisis situation. Patentia is your partner with strategy and management of patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property & Intellectual Property Rights Services:

We are specialised in IP/IPR matters including IP/IPR related protections, validations renewals, and translations.


Do you want to protect a new product or method? With the help of our patent services, we will find the right solution for you. 


Do you have a logo, company name or brand that you want to protect? A trademark registration is the solution for you.

Utility Model

Do you have an invention that you want to protect? Consider a utility model.

Design Protection 

The design of a product is often the main reason why consumers choose it over competitors. You can protect your design with an industrial design right.

Service Charges

Examples on Our Service Fees

  • Consulting

    200 € / hour

  • Patent

    2.000 - 4.500 €

  • Utility Model

    3.000 €

  • Trademark

    2.000 - 5.000 €

  • What product development should know about patents?

    1.600 € / day

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